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Manageable Risks


• Requires experienced subsea operators: Readily   available through our strategic partners;

• Engineering and development costs: Accounted for   in financial model;

• Delays due to weather and other natural forces

  during summer months: Conservative   operation/recovery projections.

Nome, Alaska

•  Rising gold prices since 2000 have spurred mining of     known gold resource;

•  Industrial scale backhoe operations successful offshore     and in shallow waters;

•  Investments in drilling programs by multiple companies     prove gold reserves;

•  2011: Alaska auctions over 23K acres mining rights via     84 blocks;

•  Industry estimates: 1-4 million ounces offshore.

A Golden Opportunity

There’s (a lot of) gold in our deal:


•  Massive gold accumulation over thousands of years

   just offshore in Nome, Alaska; the result of glacial activity;

•  Millions of $$$ invested over decades prove gold resource;

•  Estimated at 1-4 million ounces;

•  Our game-changing technology: exponential increase in gold recovery;

•  ROI: 3X return ($$$ or gold) through Revenue Participation.

The Right Timing

•  Alaska Earth Sciences (AES) and other geology     companies have studied results from 3,500 drill     samples; A leading geology company in Alaska;

    on our board of advisors;

•  Extensive library on historical drill results around     Nome;

•  Refer to area surrounding Nome as a “world class”     gold deposit;

•  Public data from the BIMA dredge offshore mining     operations in late 1980’s proves gold is offshore.

•  Largest offshore operation ever conducted in the     Nome area;

•  Current mining operations recovering gold offshore.

Confirmed Gold Deposits