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• Research Faculty, Virginia Tech Autonomous Research and Controls

  Laboratory; completed the mechanical design of 2 Autonomous Underwater

  Vehicles under ONR contract.

• Research Faculty, Virginia Tech Advanced Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory;

  Investigated railroad safety technology and instrumentation.

• Small Arms Engineer at Aberdeen Proving Grounds; developed instrumentation

  and hardware for testing weapons systems for government agencies.

• Founder and owner of Keep it Simple Technology LLC; design of ballistic

  instrumentation and underwater vehicle technology and control systems.

• 15+ years design, development and testing experience with electromechanical,    pneumatic, hydraulic and control systems.

• Designer of subsea mining and coring remote operated vehicle.

• Marine Engineer, graduate NY Maritime College; 20+ years marine and

   operational experience.

• Business Development, Sales and Marketing for Pharos Offshore Group.

• Eight years U.S. Merchant Marine Engineering officer aboard Oil Tankers

   and  Tyco Telecommunications (now TE SubCom) cable ships.

• Construction management, Tyco’s six state-of-the-art purpose-built cable ships.

• Co-founder and COO, 18-person Internet Technology Company.

• Implemented fleet wide asset management system for TE SubCom’s

  fleet of sixteen cable laying ploughs and cable maintenance ROVs.


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Twisted Pick, LLC

Cliff McDougall, CEO Phone: 410.935.2547

Email: cliff.mcdougall@twistedpickmining.com

John Hennage, Co-Founder, Chief of Engineering Cliff McDougall, Co-Founder, CEO