Time to accumulate SILVER and GOLD?

Below are some interesting facts from a sales letter promoting Silver. Yes, this is sales letter copy but the JP Morgan facts are true. How long can the artificial pricing of the COMEX mask the real market forces. (If you want to discuss how to accumulate massive amounts of gold through a unconventional investment – give us a call)

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Right now there is very exciting news in the silver market. The largest investment bank in the country today is JPMorgan Chase & Co. In 2012, they held 5 million ounces of silver in their corporate account. However, recent reports have revealed that JPMorgan Chase now holds a staggering 55 million ounces of silver! That’s an increase of over tenfold in just 3 years. This April, alone, JPMorgan Chase purchased 8 million ounces. That’s a lot of silver for anyone to buy—even an investment giant like JPMorgan Chase. What could they possibly know about silver that we don’t?
Let me tell you what JPMorgan Chase’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, said in a letter to his shareholders, “Some things never change – there ’WILL BE’ another crisis, and its ’IMPACT’ will be felt throughout financial markets.”

So here we are. The CEO of the country’s largest bank is telling his shareholders – THERE WILL BE another crisis – and to protect shareholder value, they are buying silver by the hundreds of tons.

Don’t you think it’s time that you consider owning physical silver?

Need another reason?

$20 an ounce. That’s the all-in production cost it takes the average mine to process one ounce of silver. Right now silver is trading at around $15 an ounce. That’s more than 20% lower than its production costs!

The last time you could purchase silver below its production costs was 2002. Guess who famously bought 30% of the world’s above ground silver supply back then?

Warren Buffett. Two years later he doubled his money.

So, JPMorgan Chase & Warren Buffett, two of the most successful investors on the planet, both stocked up on silver at a price below production cost. Buffett bought right before a crisis happened. JP Morgan is buying right before what they think will be another financial crisis.

Stocks are at record highs. Debt is soaring. Uncertainty in the world is at historic levels. Silver is on sale right now and JPMorgan Chase knows it—just like Warren Buffett knew it in 2002. Now that you know it, will you let this opportunity pass you by?

Obvious Gold Manipulation down – While the rest of the world buys it up!

Gold Dumping Chart


Tyler Durden, the now Iconic Blogger at Zerohedge.com, points out once again the obvious and blatant manipulation of Gold and Silver futures markets. All while the US government regulators turn a blind eye and let it all happen. This flies in the face of “Commodities Law” let alone the purpose of the commodities markets – to eliminate price swings. These are big banks in a strategic and coordinated effort to drive price down at times of very low liquidity. They are selling un-backed short positions that they could never deliver on – But they are still net long so they will make out big when it turns – soon!

The few select Big Banks force the many technical (trend following) hedge funds to sell by triggering a crossover in the moving averages. Then these same manipulating big banks make BILLIONS riding the market back up when they then force the technical funds to buy back. All this is happening now in plain sight. Want to learn all about it? Google Ted Butler and read any one article on this that he has written since the 80’s. There is proof all over the internet. If you still think the market is not rigged, why?

The only safe play in the end is physical ownership of Gold and Silver. How long will this go on? Until THEY can’t get away with it any more or when the futures markets run out of physical metal for delivery, they fail or they lose credibility. The US paper market that is driving the physical price is already being phased out by Singapore exchanges and the physical supply is drying up. Look at the evidence: The US Government can’t deliver Germany’s gold back and the US mint must buy silver on the open market just to mint silver eagles. It’s like driving around with a broken gas gauge, the ride will end but you just don’t know when.

Do you want to shift money out of the general stock market “con game” at the highs and buy into a technology/gold play that pays out multiples in physical gold? How about a 3x return of $100,000 into $300,000 in PHYSICAL GOLD then watch that gold appreciate (2,3,4x) as the US dollar resumes it’s devaluation fall. Looks like a good time to ‘Sell the market high and then buy gold low’. Go to http://www.twistedpickmining.com/ to learn more.

What kind of “LEGACY” are you leaving for your children and grandchildren. Dollar Debt or Gold Wealth? Please share this post with someone who cares about their legacy.

4 Quotes From Smart People…

ScreenHunter_11 Nov. 04 13.40

… that have me running from the overpriced stock market and looking for opportunities to put my money to work to acquire gold.

“Corporate insiders are dumping shares at a pace not seen since 2000.” Graham Summers, Analyst

“Without constant and ongoing life-support, the economy is down for the count. And eternal life-support is not an option, even Keynesian economists understand that.” Raul Meijer, Editor

“All the major economies are saturated with debt. Accordingly, central bank balance sheet expansion has lost its Keynesian magic entirely.  Now the great sea of freshly minted liquidity simply fuels the carry trade as gamblers everywhere load up with any asset that generates a yield or short-run capital gain, and fund these bloated positions with cheap options and repo style finance.”  David Stockman, Economist

“Since early 2013, the U.S. stock markets have done nothing but rally, thanks to the Fed’s oft-implied backstop.  This incredibly unnatural behavior has left sentiment dangerously unbalanced, with hyper-complacency and euphoria running rampant. Only a major selloff can restore normal psychology. And with the Fed’s third quantitative-easing campaign ending, odds are high such a big downside event looms.”  Adam Hamilton, Editor

These quotes are from the ‘We Couldn’t Have Said It Better’ page at Investment Rarities Incorporated. If you just want to buy gold, these guys are great. If you want to buy gold with 3x leverage with additional exposure to the upside, Twisted Pick Mining is your move. Now is the time to reduce exposure to the general market and shift it over to mining technology with returns in cash or physical gold.

Offshore & Deep Sea Mining

IBC Energy Event Subsea Mining

IBC Energy and Informa Business is holding a very specialized conference on subsea mining this week. The conference is taking place from Thursday 6 – Friday 7 November at the Meridien Piccadilly, London. Some general information is available at www.ibcenergy.com/mining.

I have attended IBC Energy events in the past. They have been well put together with a small but targeted group of industry decision makers.

Speakers include:
Dr. Ralph Spickermann, UK SEABED RESOURCES
Stef Kapusniak, SMD

If you would like to attend, contact Emily Impey – Conference & Seminar Producer – Informa Maritime Events & Lloyd’s Maritime Academy

Maple House, 3rd Floor, 149 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7AD Direct Line: +44 (0)20 7551 9064

Email: Emily.impey@informa.com Website: www.informamaritimeevents.com www.lloydsmaritimeacademy.com

QE Failure – Shift cash to GOLD now

Gold Metal

Proof of QE Failure

I may not be able to explain all the nuances of QE to a class of college students but when I read article after article – written by very smart people – about quantitative easing (QE) in the US and around the world, I get a little uneasy. It seems to me, the solid evidence points to inflation, a race to devalue currencies and higher gold prices in the future.

There is plenty to read online so we have highlighted a few good articles for our potential investors. One comprehensive article is included here. Check it out and draw your own conclusion.

We offer a 3x return paid in CASH or Gold. What would you rather hold?


Surf Crawler turning home

These surf crawlers mine for gold offshore in the surf zone. They can be productive and profitable as long as they are operating. They are limited by high wave action and bad weather but can stay out longer than the small suction dredges that are usually mounted on modified pontoon boats.

Notice how the spacer piece is added between the excavator and the tracks? This gets him out of the water and lets him transit out into deeper water (when the waves are down). However, this space takes away from his reach and limits how deep he can dig. The “house” on the back is adjacent to the sluice that separates the gold from the dirt he digs up. It is a slow process heading home.

Gold Mining Monster

Since gold was discovered in Nome in 1898, there has been a natural progression of mining technology. Early prospectors claimed much of the land. New miners that came up in the early years were sometimes relegated to beach mining if they could not get rights to mine a claim.

As a local Nome miner explained to me, mining technology evolves. The smaller operations get absorbed by more productive technology. This usually means larger operations with more operators. Over the years, these large bucket ladder dredges accounted for most of the mining volume conducted ‘on-shore’ around Nome, AK. They moved a lot of material and were very productive compared to the smaller operations. It is thought that around 90% of the gold taken out of the ground around nome over the last 100 years has been through these large bucket ladder dredges. This one stopped operating abut 20 years ago.

Now we can see a similar progression happening in ‘off-shore’ mining. Larger excavator bucket type dredges are successfully mining offshore. Technology marches on and we can see many opportunities to increase productivity with subsea vehicle technology in both shallow and deeper waters.